We design to beautify your living spaces

Rozandi is a collective design formation that consists of interdisciplinary and contemporary artists who take an art and decoration approach to the love of design and materials and modernize the living spaces in which we live.

Feeling itself close to the ART-DECO movement, Rozandi has the competence to explore, defend, and promote artists' works as a design formation dedicated to interdisciplinary arts. Rozandi takes the lead in promoting artists' works of art and making it easier for people interested in contemporary art to access retrospective works by these artists.

Our Philosophy

The design synthesis is a life philosophy of precision and flow constantly evolving and amplifying as we walk through the journey of life, deepening our assimilation and elegance.

Spaces revolutionize together with humankind. We live in a fast-paced world surrounded by screens, social media, and a lack of personal relations. That is why the environments we inhabit should bridge the gap in our desideratum. We create tangible arts with integrity to connect to nature, the earth, and other human beings. Who must infuse our surroundings with beauty and soul? To keep us grounded, spend our most valuable time in quality and enjoy the simple things life has to offer.

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